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Whether you’re a corporate professional looking to pamper yourself or an athlete who wants to increase your flexibility, we are here to serve you.

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Whether you’re a college student or a corporate professional, daily life can take its toll on your body. This can lead to stress, fatigue, and other health problems over time.

Massage therapy is an effective way to manage these issues. This is where the professionals of Zen Massage Works in Sarasota, Florida come in. We provide solutions designed to help you unwind and rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. Our highly qualified massage therapists are experienced, personable, and more than capable of employing a wide range of techniques.

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John L Evans LMT

Meet Our Therapists
John L. Evans LMT

LMT License Florida MA 97364 | Massage Establishment MM 41568

| Trained at the Hudson Valley School of Massage Therapy in New York.  (Graduated in 2010)
“What I love about massage and bodywork is the ability to connect with people on many levels. Living in today’s world can be very stressful. While addressing physical and emotional issues, I also provide an environment where clients can relax, feel safe, unwind, and try to put the world aside for a while.
Before becoming a massage therapist in 2010, I was an accountant in New York City. I found myself stuck in a rut and felt unfulfilled. I knew that massage therapy had helped me through some physical, emotional, and spiritual difficulties. It kept me calm and balanced as I was going through cancer treatment and helped me establish a healthy balance between my emotional, spiritual, and physical life.”

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Dennis Scott LMT

Dennis Scott LMT

LMT License Florida MA 97785| Massage Establishment MM 41568

I have been practicing massage since 2016.  My massage experience is a combination of Western and Eastern massage techniques.  I integrate Swedish massage with Shiatsu combining techniques that benefit the client as well as myself.  This broad range approach is great for the person that is looking for relaxation and revitalization as well as the client that has physical issues they would like to improve.
I have taught massage at the Oregon School of Massage focusing on Assessment and Applications, a course designed to help students better learn how to accurately assess the conditions the client is presenting and offers a wide variety of techniques to apply to facilitate the client’s ability to find reduction in pain as well as increased mobility and flexibility. I have found that the massage experience is both spiritual as well as physical.  The importance of well being is undervalued in today’s world where most people experience stress, overworked muscle groups, as well as some sort of postural imbalance.  Massage benefits everybody, both the client as well as the practitioner.  The combination of Western Techniques addresses deeper tissue work as well as the postural issues and the Easterrn approach revitalizes the energy channels.

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